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The Superphone is the next-generation of personal computing, it is a smartphone, and a desktop PC, in one state-of-the-art, uniquely elegant OS. It is business-oriented, and it allows you to start any kind of business online, easily. The Superphone will create a store for you, and take care of many business tasks for you, such as your inventory, layaways, subscriptions, payment-plans, invoices, shipping-labels, book-keeping, accounting, customer service, and marketing. It is like a fully automated enterprise in your pocket, working for you 24/7, to save you a lot of time, and money, while helping you make more money. From now on, the only business tool you need to be a successful entrepreneur, is a Superphone. You can update your phone to a Superphone in one click for free, if you are verified.

The goal was to create a smarter smartphone that will offer you all the critical business features that all serious entrepreneurs need to succeed, in one device. But also, a device capable to take care of those business features for you, to allow you to focus on more important things, such as your sales, and business growth, and the Superphone does the job very efficiently, and very smoothly.

Another very interesting feature of the Superphone, is that it redefines, and improves social media as we know it today, by offering you many new collaboration features to help you succeed in your social media activities. For example, it offers you a meeting room to create, teach, and collaborate in almost any context, and the option to create, and manage your own social network. Also, all the popular social network features, such as: follow, like, share, messages, website publishing, photo-video sharing, chat messenger, and targeted marketing, are all there, without news feed algorithms, and without privacy stories.

The Superphone has been optimized for students, workers, enterprises, start-ups, artists, bloggers, publishers, marketers, and influencers. The Superphone offers much more than a traditional smartphone, it is a must-have business tool for every entrepreneur, and for those who want the very best in aesthetic design, automated enterprise features, and high-technology engineering. Sign-up now, and invite your friends to sign-up as well, to be among the first members to enjoy the Superphone at the big opening in a few weeks.

It is compatible with any OS, phone, and PC


The Superphone's elegant and futuristic interface with crystal objects


The Superphone's extended profile and the multi-user chat messenger


The Superphone's photo gallery and the fully automated ecommerce store


The Superphone's ecommerce store statistics and data analytics


The Superphone's os, compatible with all os, smartphones, and desktop PC


The Superphone's crystal clock widget view


Create an extended profile with all the popular social network features in one place


Create your own social network, with group chat, websites, support, forum, updates, search, & more


Publish professional websites and blogs, with slideshow, captions, menus, comments, & more


Publish crowdfunding projects, freelance offers, auctions, jobs, phonebook listings, & much more


Upload and watch videos and movies, upload and listen to music, socially, with friends and family


Chronological updates, no ads, no algorithms, filter by context, by keywords, by following, & more


Stay connected via the multi-users chat messenger, group chat, and the video & voice chat


Make and receive free phone calls and free long-distance calls, from your pc or your smartphone


Personal task calendar, and team task calendar, to organize your days, and your team projects


Meeting room to be socially productive in almost any contexts, create, teach, and learn, in real-time


Simple and user friendly menu to sociallize by any contexts and any cities in the world


Publish a professional resume for all the employers who visit Stallios to find good candidates


Create exams online and let the system do all the corrections for you, to save time, paper, and trees


Manage your team projects easily, via an user-friendly project management system


Create powerful advertisement campaigns, and target your audience via almost any details


Create and manage folders to organize and share your files, from your pc or your smartphone


Open an ecommerce store with your logo, and start doing business like a professional, from day one


Sell any items or downloads, and offer layaways, subscriptions, and payment plans, all automated


The OS creates and emails all your invoices for you on each sale, or when a payment is due


The OS creates all your shipping labels for you on each sale, get them with one click


The OS creates and automates your store book-keeping and report for you, get it with one click


Dashboard to administer your store, view your sales and statistics, and data analytics

Features list

General features

Chat messenger and group chat, to connect with friends and family, or for customer service

Video chat, and voice over IP phone, to make and receive free local, and long-distance calls

Publish a profile with cover image slider, allowing up to 50 image slideshow with captions

Profile page has comments, follow, followers, following, likes, shares, & much more

Meeting room to be socially productive in any context, create, teach, learn, live, and in real-time

Upload and share photos, documents, and files, with friends, family, and contacts

Upload and watch videos and movies, upload and play your music, with friends, and family

Create your own social network, with chat, websites, support, forum, updates, search, & more

Create many friend circles, for buddies, for work, and for family, with specific content access

Every profile, website, and page, have their own URL qr-code, for quick, and easy mobile access

Send email with file attachment securely to any member, or enterprise on Stallios

Create and send professional newsletters, or bulk emails to friend-circles, or group members

Follow everything in the updates feed, or only the updates that you want, by their keywords

When you post, not only all your friends, but the whole site can see it live too, as an option

Create ecommerce stores, freelance offers, auctions, websites, blogs, and much more

Everything can be rated by the users, so you will know what is excellent for a visit

Create a professional resume, with picture, academic history, work history, training history, etc

Search for jobs locally and globally, or post jobs to find great candidates on Stallios

Local business phonebook to find anything locally or globally, or to showcase your business

Local people phonebook to find people locally or globally by their first, and last name

Local and global newspapers, local and global weather, local and global direction maps

Create automated exams, the system will correct them, and email them to you, with their marks

Online document creator to create PDF documents, like ebooks, white papers, forms, etc

Create and share your business cards or v-cards, and download tho ones of your contacts

Personal task calendar, and team task calendar, to organize your days, and your team projects

Create, save, and share notes about any sites or topics, with dynamic link references included

See who visited you, create polls, surveys, courses, coupons, and much more

Virtual assistants to help you find what you're searching for in stores, they're great time savers

All the features of the Superphone are available on pc also, a pc can run all the listed features

Software developers can publish their free or paid Superphone apps in the app center

There is nothing to download and install to use the Superphone apps, they all run in the cloud

Business features

Open a store with your own logo, to start doing business like a professional, from day one

You can have up to 100 items in your store, including downloadable items, like music, or files

You can offer layaways, payment plans, and subscriptions as payment options to your customers

Your customers will have one page checkout, and one click checkout, when they purchase

The OS will automate almost everything for you, including your invoices, and shipping-labels

Customers can buy anything in your ecommerce store and pay via Paypal or by credit card

Customers can also make payments anytime via their account, and print their own invoices

The OS will notify you for each sale you make, so you can ship the goods to your customers

You don't need to stock and ship anything, you can simply redirect the orders to your suppliers

Your store will be in the Stallios shopping-center, so you will have more chances to sell

You'll have a dashboard showing you all your sales, orders, statistics, and data analytics

You can create, save, and search notes about your customers, to offer a personalized customer service

You can do live customer service via the chat messenger, and by creating a support social network


Stallios collaborates with universities and colleges around the world for the recruitment, and the employment of its talented candidates. If you are interested to be part of the Stallios team, please visit the employment department of your university or college for more information about the job opportunities that we may have available.

We are always looking for creative, and passionate candidates to help us bring our innovative dreams to reality. The positions that we usually have available are in software engineering, computer engineering, IT engineering, mechanical engineering, administration, and also, sales, and marketing.

If you are a university or college institution, who wish to collaborate with Stallios for the recruitment of its candidates, please send us a message via our contact form, someone will get back to you as soon as possible.

If you are not part of a university or college at the moment, or if you really believe that you have some unique talent, skills, or experience to help, and assist Stallios in its innovative work, please send us a message a soon as you can via our contact form, we want to get to know you. Also, if you have a website, video, portfolio, resume, or pitch deck to show us, please include their links with your message, we want to see them as well.

About us

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At Stallios, our philosophy, and goals are very simple, we always work passionately to create really innovative, and fascinating products, and services, that can make your life, and our world, even more beautiful.

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